Communications and Information Relations


The structure of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology consists of sections under the headings of management, directorate, and the Department of Information and Public Awareness to promote the media activities.

In 2020 the Media Directorate (Unit) was established in line with the objectives, policies, strategies, and plans of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to better manage information, working coordination, and provided communication with the mass media.

The dissemination of development and achievements in the telecommunications sector, in particular, awareness of the benefits of technology, digitalization, goals, and basic programs of the Ministry is one of the directorate's top priorities.


Celebrating important events in the telecommunications sector and managing the daily activities of the press

Reflection of development events in telecommunications, policy-making ….


Providing sustainable and effective relationships with the media, civil society, sectoral offices, and 

Main goals:

The main goals of the directorate are:

  • Reflection of development events in the telecommunications sector, policy-making and...؛
  • notification about the activities, achievements, and plans of the Ministry
  • Timely, fast, and transparent information;


Having a responsible and pioneering ministry in the field of information


  • Collecting information from directorates and working departments
  • Timely dissemination of activities and achievements of the Ministry of Communications


Collecting information from central and provincial departments and disseminating it through press conferences, news conferences, websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, seminars, workshops, telecommunication meetings, and other ministry-related channels. Also Reflecting scientific and professional topics of telecommunication specialists and experts through “Alika” magazine, providing communication with national and international media in order to cover the programs of the ministry, inviting, cohesion and sending news, image and video to the media, and facilitating access to information resources are the main activities of this directorate.

Change in notification method:

As of the beginning of 2020, this directorate has adopted new methods of information. the active team of the department has tried to share all the developments and achievements of the ICT sector in a timely manner with the media, civil society, and the general public through social networks or in person.

We have been able to share hundreds of news, reports, and promotional videos - information about the activities and achievements of the Ministry with the people and the media since the beginning of 2020.

Dozens of TV and radio interviews have been conducted and several press conferences have been held. Besides distributing newsletters and interviews with the media, we also publish the ministry's news through Facebook, Twitter, and the website.

At the same time, we intend to increase the range and scope of information by reactivating “Arika” magazine.

Major achievements:

Part One; Media activities

Participate in TV roundtables:

  1. Tolo TV “ Bamdade Khosh” Program
  2. Tolo News “ Neema Rooz” Program
  3. Shamshad TV “ Roon Sahar” Program

Interviews and sending news clips to radios:

  1. Mali Radio (National Radio)
  2. Armaan FM
  3. Nangarhar Kileed
  4. Azadi Radio
  5. Nangarhar Mashal Radio


Interviews and sending news clips to radios:

  • CCTV foreign media
  • Tolo News
  • Aeena
  • Shamshad
  • Aryana News

Interview with print media:

New York Times

It should be noted that apart from the above, no press conferences or exclusive interviews have been held so far.

Third part; Print publications:

The MCIT previously had a print publication (Arike Magazine) that reflected on a monthly basis the activities and functions of the Ministry and the Communications and Information Technology Sector.

Unfortunately, since 1398, due to financial problems, the publication and activity of this magazine have been stopped, and recently only the electronic version is published through the website of the Ministry.

The Media Unit is trying to resume the magazine if it convinces the leadership of the ministry and the necessary funds are available.

Link to reports and activities of the Media Unit:

Report on the activities of the Media Unit, Months: October-December, 1400

Report on the activities of the Media Unit in the 1st and 2nd quarters of the fiscal year 1400