Discussion over the investment of Alokozai Private Company

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Alireza Khaliqyar
Sat, Dec 15 2018 12:37 PM
بحث در پییوند به سرمایه گداری شرکت خصوصی الکوزی

Shahzad Aryobee Minister of Communications and Information Technology met with Mr. Mustafa Mastoor Minister of Economy, Mr. Sailab Amiri Deputy of Afghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and representatives from National Procurement Office on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

During the meeting, issues related to the investment of Alokozay Private Company and the status of Wasel Telecom were discussed.

The Wasel Telecom Private Company had been faced a series of financial problems and could not continue its business, accordingly, the company was purchased by Alokozay Private.
It is expected that Alokozay Private Company, with more than 300 million dollars investments will provide telecommunication and Internet services in all 34 provinces of the country.

According to the decision of the High Economic Council a committee led by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the membership of the Ministries of Finance and Economy, the National Procurement Office and the Afghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has been formed to Submit the report on the investment and GSM license to Alokozay activities to the High Economic Council of the country.

At today's meeting, a series of decisions were made on the private companies of AloKozay and Wasel Telecom, which will later be presented at the High Economy Council.

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